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About me


My name is Ebba, 

I’m a visual artist.

I paint public art and paintings and I make ceramics and tattoos. 

Im based in Copenhagen Denmark. 


‘My inspiration comes from humans, folk-art, music, nature and dreams.

My art explores the concept and nature of femininity and the female aspects of the world.  constantly experimenting and evolving.

 I am devoted to exploring my inner world and imagination as well as the reality and laws of the real world. 

What I create is often colorful and imaginative, expressive and full of emotion. 

– Her job is to stay true to her self and her art.  

In the start of her career she was pushed from many directions to make provocative art, after having made pieces about female sexuality, but she did not see the point of provoking just to provoke.

The world find women following their inner guidance provoking. 

Today It seems it can be almost more provoking to refuse to provoke. 

People want to have easy thrills, but she makes art from her heart and not from what the world wants me to make, she was never striving for fame but rather integrity’

Ebba is Passionate about making urban spaces more beautiful and fun, 

She is passionate bout playing with life and creating joy and beauty. 

She is passionate about exploring the depths of what she can create and deliver a good product. 

She loves collaborating with people and companies, to apply her creativity were it is needed.

There is of course much more to say and If you wish to know more or receive a PDF portfolio with detailed descriptions and texts then send an email and you shall receive. 


Don’t hesitate to contact me for collaborations or commissions. 


Selected clients:

Varberg fastigheter AB

COOP Galleria trädgården AB Varberg

MUseet midt Namsos, Norway.

Gothenburg City 

Copenhagen Metro

Copenhagen Municipality

Forsman & Bodenfors

Gothenburg Pride




Odd Molly

Holbaek Municipality

Distortion Copenhagen

Valby Kulturhus

Art Made This +

Vasakronan fastigheter

Kala bahia, India

Orchid Ungasan, Indonesia

La paz cafe, Guatemala

Contact info 

Mobile: +45 71594879





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